About The Writer’s Will

Welcome to  The Writer’s Will! 

The Writer’s Will is a literary blog that focuses on spotlighting young writers from diverse backgrounds (POC, LGBTQIA+, the physically and mentally disabled, and other marginalized groups) through book reviews, craft talks, and interviews. Here you’ll find book reviews about the latest young adult and genre fiction novels I’ve been reading, as well as reviews of craft related nonfiction books, interviews with diverse writers, craft talks, and short stories. To keep up with the most recent blogs, follow us here and on social media at Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+. If you have a book to recommend, or a craft topic you’d like to see discussed, email at thewriterswill@gmail.com.

About the Writer

My name is Camera and I’m a sarcastic millennial trying to find her place like everyone else, and deciding that place is among the books!

I’ll be using this page to promote myself as a writer and editor, including my experience with my fantastic undergraduate literary journal, The Oakland Arts Review, my own literary blog, The Writer’s Will, and my journey to authorship as I actively work on editing my first novel (working title, Who Do You Think You Are?) and writing my second novel, 24.

After completing grad school, I hope to begin a career in publishing as an editor, and plan to support the world of literature from both sides of the industry – creating diverse stories and promoting diverse stories. In the meantime, I’m freelancing my skills. For any business inquiries, you can contact through email at thewriterswill@gmail.com.