Announcement (10/21)

Hey there!

As you’ve all noticed, there hasn’t been activity on The Writer’s Will for a couple of weeks. The only excuse that I can give is that I’m currently a one woman team, which means that sometimes life gets in the way of running this blog. While I would love to be able to always post here three days a week, I have outside responsibilities, like school and keeping myself alive and well, that need attention.

I’m still fully committed to continue on this journey with The Writer’s Will, and I want to make this blog as accessible and useful as possible for readers, writers, educators, and all around literature enthusiasts to use as a resource for finding books with voices that speak to them. As such, I’ll be making some adjustments to the site over the next month to begin moving towards expanding the content and reach of the blog. Not only will you be seeing some minor blog design updates, I will begin actively calling for writers and social media ambassadors to work alongside me to keep The Writer’s Will running. I’ll be back with even more reviews, and hopefully, some new faces!

Thank you to those of you who read, subscribe to, and support The Writer’s Will! Your involvement is proof not only that books still matter, but that there is a place for diversity in literature.

–Camera Martin
Founder of The Writer’s Will