What is The Writer’s Will?

The Writer's Will WordPress

They say that it’s always best to begin at the beginning, but I’ll save you a few billion years and skip the creation of the universe to the creation of this blog.

The Writer’s Will is a literary blog for diverse writers and diverse stories, and is the collective unconscious that connects all storytellers. It’s also a play on words. While the “will” can be taken as a verb (as in, The writer will write no matter the obstacles she faces, or He conquered his fears just by sheer will.), it’s also a noun, like a formal will that bestows the remaining valuables and last wishes of a deceased person upon their loved ones. My will – verb – is to sharpen my writing skills so that I can reach my academic and career goals. My will – noun – is to bestow upon my fellow writers, readers, editors, and reviewers, whatever good I might be able to manage during my journey. My hopes for this blog, besides practicing my writing, is to dive deeper into the community of writers and highlight the work of young, diverse novelists. You can expect to see:

Book Reviews

This shouldn’t be too surprising for a writer’s blog but I’ll be keeping up a book review list for both fiction and nonfiction works. I’m currently reading several craft related nonfiction works that I bought but never read, and I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned and created with the help of these books. When it comes to fiction, I’ll be focusing heavily on finding diverse books, with diverse characters or written by diverse authors. The genre will most likely be spread fairly broad, so don’t be surprised to see thriller one week and then fantasy the next!

Craft Talks

I’ll be talking about the ins and outs of the writing process, from the very beginnings of story ideas to landing a book deal. I am, of course, always going to be a student of creative writing, even if I find myself publishing a book this lifetime, but I’ll be sharing the things that I’ve discovered in creative writing classes, while practicing writing independently, and from reading fiction. This will hopefully turn into less of an instruction manual and more of an open discussion between writers.

Short Stories & Interviews

If all goes as planned, I’ll be sharing some of my work, as well as the work of other young writers several times a month as a promotional tool. Because my goal is not only to carve my way into the publishing world, but help other aspiring novelists and editors, I want to have a platform to showcase how many diverse and talented individuals are out here silently excelling at what they do.

I won’t belabor this introduction. I hope that you’ll find your place here each week as I endeavor to create a space where the diversity in literature is recognized in my own unique way. And that’s the writer’s will.